Special Brunches & Food Events

Saturday, March 24, 11-3

Maple Celebration Brunch Buffet

Waffles, French Toast Bread Pudding, Frittata, Sausage Gravy, more!
$19 adult
Kids under 16 pay their age



Rescheduled to Sunday, April 15, 11am-3pm

Sweet and Savory Crepes Brunch

The first of new events with chef Robert Lugo.
Make a reservation now! 518-239-6234

Come at any time, but we need a head count.


Choice of any three out of six crepe fillings plus salad and beverages $24
Additional crepes for $6


Crepe fillings

Duck Confit
poached duck cured with salt/pepper/thyme/bay/juniper/cloves/garlic

Sofrito Braised Goat with Sweet Plantain
Garlic/onions/peppers/cilantro/tomato with baked sweet plantain

Port Braised Beef
Braising Beef in aromatic vegetables spices raisins and port wine

Roasted Sweet Potato and Fresh Spinach
with Brovetto cheese

Cream Cheese Custard

Sweet Potato Custard 


Optional Cheese for all savory crepes.
Chocolate/caramel sauces and whipped cream for the sweet crepes.

Side Salad
Peppers, red onion, cranberry, feta, olives with greens


The weekends of March 10 & 11, and 17 & 18 we celebrate our Irish heritage with Irish dishes added to the cafe menu.

Saturday, March 24 Celebrating Maple Syrup!


Cafe Open Year-round

Serving lunch and brunch 11am-3pm, every Saturday & Sunday year-round.

  • April 8, 2018 12:00 pmSecond Sunday Session
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Chef Robert Lugo created the Puerto Rican buffet for our fundraiser in the fall.