Ready for the best Thanksgiving Turkey you have ever had?

Ours are raised on pasture, fed locally grown grain, truly free range and forage for all the grass, bugs and worms they want! Tasty! The birds will range from 15-25 pounds most years, and we try to match the perfect bird to your size request.  $6.00/pound if ordered by July 1. $6.90/lb after July 1. A minimum deposit of $20 will reserve your bird. We do sell out!

This year, we are also offered turkey parts.  Half birds, breasts, drumsticks, thighs.  You can also order them on the form linked below.

The birds are fresh to pick up the weekend and days before Thanksgiving, November 21-25. They are cleaned, ready to roast, and come with roasting time instructions. Perfectly scheduled for cooking  Thanksgiving weekend.

We will contact you a week or so before to set up an turkey pickup appointment, based on which day and what time is best for you. Our store will be open. Relax, start your holiday festivities, and do a little shopping, for food and farm-made gifts.

You can also order additional items for add to your Thanksgiving dinner.  Turkey stock, gravy, dressing, cranberry sauce and more. These items can be pre-ordered on the Turkey & Goose Form.

Goose, Goose!

We are raising a small number of geese for the holidays. They will be available by reservation at Thanksgiving and at Christmas. $10/lb and they usually range from 7-11 pounds. Please the same form.


Click here to download form: