We evaluate our prices each spring, based on the cost of feed, labor and other factors that effect our expenses. Prices are usually adjusted in May.

Prices for items picked up at the farm store. Prices will vary at the farmers market, other stores and will have additional charges when shipped. Click the tabs below to view each price list.


Raised on pasture with natural grains. Available fresh June thru October. Frozen year-round.

Product Price
Eggs $5.00/dozen
Whole Chickens $6.90/lb.
Necks, feet, backs $2.50/lb.
Wings $5.00/lb.
Whole Legs $7.50/lb.
Chicken halves $7.50/lb.
Livers $6.50/lb.
“Airline” Breasts (w/wing) $10.50/lb.
Boneless breasts/cutlets $14.00/lb.
Chicken sausage $14.00/lb.
Turkey (Order for Thanksgiving!) $6.90/lb.


100% Grassfed

Product Price
Liver, Hearts, Tongue, Kidneys $6.00/lb.
Ground Beef $9.00/lb.
Short Ribs $8.50/lb.
Shanks $8.50/lb.
Oxtails $9.00/lb.
Stew Beef $9.50/lb.
Stir Fry $9.50/lb.
Kabobs $10.00/lb.
Smoked Summer Sausage $13.00/lb
Smoked Pepperoni $13.00/lb
Chuck Steak $9.50/lb.
London Broil $10.00/lb.
Chuck Eye Steak $10.00/lb.
Sandwich/shaved Steak $10.00/lb.
Mock Tenderloin $11.00/lb.
Flatiron Steak $11.00/lb.
Sirloin or Sirloin Tip $13.50/lb.
Flank & Skirt $13.50/lb.
Ribeye $18.00/lb.
NY Strip $18.00/lb.
T-Bone $19.00/lb.
Porterhouse $19.75/lb.
Filet Mignon $28.00/lb.
Chuck Roast $9.00/lb.
Bottom Round $9.00/lb.
Brisket $10.00/lb.
Chuck Eye Roast $9.50/lb.
Sirloin Tip Roast $11.00/lb.
Eye Round Roast $11.00/lb.
Top Round Roast $11.00/lb.
Corned Beef (advance order) $13.00/lb.
Rib Roast $16.00/lb.
Tenderloin Roast $26.00/lb.


Raised on pasture with natural grains. Animal Welfare Approved

Product Price
Pigs Feet, Tail $3.00/lb.
Liver, Kidneys, Tongue $6.00lb.
Pork Hocks $6.00lb.
Spare Ribs $7.50/lb.
Belly 8.00
Shoulder Roast $11.00/lb.
Country Ribs $11.50/lb.
Pork Kabobs/Stew $11.50/lb.
Fresh Ham, Bone-in $10.00/lb.
Fresh Ham, Boneless $11.00/lb.
Stir Fry $11.50/lb.
Cutlets $11.50/lb.
Pork Chops, Sirloin $13.00/lb.
Pork Chops, Center Cut or Rib $14.00/lb.
Loin Roast, Center Bone-in $13.00/lb.
Loin Roast, Center Boneless $13.50/lb.
Tenderloin $15.00/lb.
Our Own Recipe Sausages
Ground Pork (bulk, unseasoned) $11.00/lb.
Sausage – Classic varieties: Breakfast, Sweet & Hot Italian $12.00/lb.
Sausage – Artisan varieties: Irish Bangers, Honey-Apple, Tuscan, Anduille, Asiago-Parsley-Garlic, Chorizo, Bratwurst $13.00/lb.
Smoked Pork – When available
Smoked Ham Hocks $8.00/lb.
Smoked Ham Roast Bone-in $13.00/lb.
Smoked Ham Roast Boneless $14.00/lb.
Smoked Ham Steak $14.00/lb.
Bacon $18.00/lb.

Lamb, Goat, Mutton and Misc.

Raised on pasture with natural grains. Animal Welfare Approved

Product Price
Liver, Kidneys, Heart, Tongue $6.00/lb.
Neck Slices or Bone-in Stew $10.00/lb.
Shanks, Riblets or breast $9.00/lb.
Ground Lamb $13.00/lb.
Stew Meat $15.00/lb.
Shoulder Chops or Roast $15.50/lb.
Lamb Merguez Sausage $15.00/lb.
Leg of Lamb or Goat $16.00/lb.
Kabobs $16.50/lb.
Rack of lamb (rib roast) $22.00/lb.
Rib Chops $22.00/lb.
Loin Chops or Roast $22.00/lb.
Stock (beef, chicken, pork) $5/pt., $8/qt.
Lard (pastry or cooking) $6/pt., $11/qt.
Tallow $6/pt., $11/qt.
Dog bones $2.00/lb.
Suet, leaf lard $2.00/lb.
Soup/marrow bones $3.00/lb.


Raised on pasture with natural grains. Animal Welfare Approved

Product Price
Pure Raw Honey
1.5 oz. Sample size $2.00
4 oz. Apothecary glass $7.50
8 oz. Plastic bottle $6.00
8 oz. Hex glass Jar $6.50
12 oz. Plastic Bear $7.50
1 lb. Plastic Jar $9.00
1 lb. Glass Jar $10.00
1 1/2 lb. Plastic Squeeze $13.00
2 1/2 lb. Glass Jar $22.00
Comb honey when available
Honey Toppings
Pecan Orange 8 oz. $10.00
Walnut Cinnamon 8 oz. $10.00
Irish-Style Lemon Honey
1.5 oz Sample Size $2.25
8 oz. Hex glass Jar $7.00
1 lb. Glass Jar $10.50
2 lb. Glass $19.00
Honey Spice Brines
Chicken or Big Bird (Turkey, Goose) $10.00
Honey Mustards
Honey Mustard 8 oz. $8.00
Whole Grain “Dalkey” 8 oz. $8.00
Honey Spiced Roasted Pecans 6.4 oz. $7.50
Chocolate Honey Truffles, 6 pieces $9.00

Prepared Foods

“Take out” cooked up right here!

Product Price
Award-winning Oink & Moo Chili or Soup du jour $9.00/pt., $17/qt.
Chicken Liver Pate $8.00/8 oz., $15/16 oz.
Bees Knees Cafe Honey Mustard Vinaigrette 8 oz. $8.00


“Take out” cooked up right here!

Product Price
Votives: box of 4 $12.00
Tea Candle: box of 12 $12.00
Honeycomb Candles: pair $12.00
Skep Molded Candle $7.00
Candle in a Tin $6.50


Soaps made with honey (taxable)

Product Price
Glycerin, small $4.00
Glycerin, large $5.00
Milled Soap, assorted fragrances $8.00
Lip Balm $3.00
Soothing Herbal Salve $8.00


Soaps made with honey (taxable)

Product Price
Sheepskins: Long Icelandic or Short Dorset $80-140.00
Yarn, assorted colors, per skein $12.00
Raw Fleece $15-20.00/lb.
Sheep. Llama & Alpaca Fiber Socks


Product Price
Heather Ridge Farm T-shirt $16.00
Bees Knees Café Apron $19.00/short $22.00/long
Cotton Tote Bag $16.00