Welcome to Heather Ridge Farm, high in the Catskill Mountains. Located on old dairy pastures with hundreds of ancient apple trees, we’re a new farm that’s 200 years old. It’s traditional “hill farm,” where every field is on an angle. There are both woods and open fields, many springs and small ponds. We’ve been here a mere thirty years, at first farming part-time, and going full-time and open to the public since 2003.

All our animals and birds (and bees!) are lovingly raised in small groups on pasture in the fresh air with mountain spring water. The cattle and lamb are entirely grass fed, and the pigs, chickens and turkeys have all the fresh grass, apples, acorns, bugs and worms they want as well as being supplemented with a natural grain mix we have custom-made to order.

Our farm garden offers a variety of vegetable and herbs that we use in the café as well as our personal use. We use organic growing methods, but we are not certified. As we restore our ancient orchards, we have apple wood to create a delicious smoke for your barbecues.

Cafe currently closed.