Some products and cuts are available seasonally, but we keep a stock of most items year round. See our attached price list under Farm Store for a detailed list.

Chicken: We have fresh pastured chicken weekly from June though October, and frozen the rest of the year. Whole chickens and parts, such as legs, wings, breasts.

Turkey: Available whole and fresh for Thanksgiving. Reserve ahead.

Beef: All grassfed beef, fresh regularly from June through November. All cuts from steaks to roasts, stews to ground beef.

Pork: Heritage breed, pasture-raised pork, fresh several times summer into fall. All cuts from chops to ribs, roasts to kebabs.

Lamb: Tender, young lamb, available several times year-round. All cuts from chops to roasts, shanks to riblets.

Goat: Offered fresh once or twice a year. Full range of cuts.

Our meats are available frozen year-round. Contact us for information on the availability of sides and whole animals.

Eggs: Available by the dozen.

Artisan sausages: We make sausages right here that can vary with the season, asiago-garlic-parsley pork sausage, cranberry-horseradish turkey sausage, and Guinness beef stouts are just a few of over a dozen varieties.

Honey and Honey Products: Honored as the best honey in the Hudson Valley by Hudson Valley Magazine! Pure raw honey and Irish-style lemon honey in many sizes. Honey roasted pecans, honey chocolate truffles, honey mustard and honey spice brines to brine your cuts of meat and chicken.

Soaps and candles: Glycerin and milled soaps with honey and natural ingredients, and candles from pure beeswax.

Sheep Products: incredibly warm socks of a blend of sheep wool, alpaca and llama fiber, machine washable. Crew and boot styles, many sizes. Lambskins in a variety of colors, short or long fleece. Yarn.

Prepared Foods: Our award winning Oink and Moo Chili, chicken liver pate, soups and stews to go.

Seasonal specialties: Corned beef for St. Patrick’s Day. Honey Clementine cakes for the holidays.

Miscellaneous: Chicken and beef stock, lard.

From near and far farms: Maple syrup, mushrooms, ginseng, vegetables, and cow, sheep and goat cheeses from regional farms are also available in season. And things we can’t grow, like fair trade coffee from Guatamala and Honduras, come to us from small farms there.

Gift “baskets”: Made to order from our products.  And gift certificates are always in style!