We practice of system of moving the diverse species of animals in rotation through the pastures, a method known as intensive managed grazing. With a mix of permanent and temporary portable fencing, the animals are moved daily through a planned rotation of smaller temporary paddocks within the fields, always moving them to fresh grass.

Let’s face it, bluntly stated, a farmer’s life is dealing with animals that all eat and shit. With this management method, the animals gather their own food, and spread their own manure as they are moved daily. It eliminates the need for heavy equipment that uses fossil fuels; it’s better for the environment and better for the farmer as we walk the fields with the animals instead of breathing diesel fumes! We don’t own a tractor… we let the animals do the work.

A grass diet assures the highest possible level of healthy CLA’s and Omega 3’s in the meat as well as a lean and flavorful product. Our animals receive no antibiotics, no hormones, and no animal by-products in their feed. There are also no chemical fertilizers used on the pastures. As a result, everything tastes better and is good for you!

We have the animals slaughtered and processed at small operations or with the state-approved mobile meat processing unit. We are proud to be one of only four farms in New York State licensed for use of the mobile processing unit, where we can work side-by-side with professional butchers. We also have a certified kitchen on the farm, making it possible to create specialty products, such as our own sausage, and offer our scrumptious food at our café.