Carol Clement and John Harrison own and operate Heather Ridge Farm. Carol moved to this property in 1979 and farmed part-time for many years while supporting herself with her marketing and film production skills. As John puts it, he married into the estate. Carol shrunk her business to grow the farm, and John finally retired from his off-farm job to join her full-time.

From John’s childhood summers on farms in Ireland, he learned that no farm is complete without a donkey. Carol’s upbringing in Saugerties at the family resort and restaurant, taught her the love of cooking and bringing the product to its final stages, served with pride.

“We believe a grass-based farm is better for the animals, better for the farmers, better for the environment and better for the consumers. It’s a sustainable system of agriculture that offers you the healthiest, leanest, tastiest products we can raise. If you could raise your own, this is how you would want to do it. And if the animals raised themselves, this is how they’d like it. Our animals are treated humanely, some would say a tad pampered. Their time on this planet is brief, and their sacrifice total. Why not make it so they want for nothing?”


Dina Nester isn’t a farmer, but has been our bookkeeper since the beginning. Had to mention you. Thanks, Dina!