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August Fried Chicken Picnic
Sat., August 26, 6pm

We’re firing up the kettle here at Heather Ridge Farm to bring you our Fried Chicken Picnic. What better way to enjoy our pastured chicken than fried to perfection and accompanied by a range of locally sourced seasonal treats? Our fried chicken is a culmination of a three day long process that starts with a koji marinade and wraps up with a dusting in Rob’s secret blend of spices and gluten free flours. Stop in and grab a box to go, or stay and chat with farmers Carol and John and learn about life on the farm. Flat rate price includes all you can eat fried chicken, sides, farm made beverages, and dessert. $24 adult, kids under 15 pay their age. Full menu below, call 518-239-6234 to reserve.

Fried Chicken (GF)
Our pasture raised chicken marinated in koji and coated in a mixture of gluten free flours and seasonings

Collard Greens (GF)
Barber’s Farm collard greens slow cooked with our farm smoked bacon


Green Bean Salad (GF, Vegetarian)
Blackened Story Farm green beans with red onion, lemon, oregano, and feta cheese


Cornbread Salad (GF, Vegetarian)
Farm made cornbread with Barber’s corn, tomatoes, cucumbers, and basil vinaigrette


Biscuits (Vegetarian)
Fluffy drop biscuits


Salted Caramel Brownies
Our gluten free brownies baked with homemade caramel


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