We are booked for 2022.

Our goats are primarily the stocky Boer breed, a meat breed, but we also have Nubian and Sanaan dairy goats.  They provide extra goat milk in case the other goats need it, and a little for our own use! The goats are real characters, much more outgoing and inquisitive than the sheep.

In addition to raising the goats for their delicious and lean meat, we also have a contract with the City of Albany Department of Water to “goatscape” around the Loudonville Reservoir.  Our goats eat down the brush and small trees that have been a maintenance problem for twenty years on the steep slope on one side of the reservoir. The goats are doing a great job, and the staff at the reservoir are doing a great job taking care of the goats.  Everyone considers it a win-win project.

If you are interested in having goats or sheep help clear land for you, please contact me, Carol, at 518-239-6234