What you will find in our Farm Store:

To shop here, you can pick out your items and pay. Remember your mask. One person/party at a time allowed in each room.
Or you can order to pick up, or ship. Please call or email me your order, and I will send you an online invoice to pre-pay before pickup.
Open Sat & Sun 11-3

Our cafe is closed, but we are offering take out soups and stews.

Soups and Stews
Quarts ready to heat and eat

Grab some crusty rolls to go with them!

Red Russian Borscht
Our grassfed beef with beets, red cabbage, almost a stew

Turkey Soup with Lime and Roasted Poblanos
A hearty Mexican-style soup with our pastured turkey and stock with roasted poblanos and tomatillos


Oink and Moo Chili
Curried Butternut Squash Soup
Chicken and Mushroom Soup
Lemony Orzo and Vegetables
Turkey Hot and Sour Soup

Also containers of:
Chicken Liver Pate
Beet Green Kimchi
Marinated Olives
Spiced Pecans

Meat Inventory December

Frozen chicken:  Good supply!
Whole birds $6.90/ lb
Half birds $7.50/lb
Airline breasts $10.50/lb
Whole legs $7/lb
Wings $5/lb

Ground Turkey $10/lb
Turkey wings and drumsticks

Beef Currently in the freezer: Good supply!

Ground Beef, $9/lb
London Broil
Sirloin steaks
Flatiron Steaks

Denver steaks $11
Petite Chuck steaks $9.50
Cross Cut Shanks, $8.50/lb
Short Ribs $8.50/lb
Kabobs, $10/lb
Beef Stir Fry/Fajita Strips $9.50/lb.
Brisket, $10/lb
Bottom Round Roasts $10/lb
Chuck Roasts $9.50/lb

From our smokehouse with our beef:
Pepperoni $13/lb
Kielbasa $13/lb
Summer sausage $13/lb
Beef Garlic Sausage $13/lb

Pork: Good supply!

Loin and Rib Chops $14/lb
Sirloin Chops $13/lb
Pork Cutlets $11.50
Pork Kabobs/stew $11.50
Pork Stir Fry $11.50
Rib Roast, $13/lb
Fresh Ham, $11/lb

Shoulder Roast

Hocks, $8/lb (fresh, not smoked)
Bacon $18/lb
Breakfast, Sweet and Hot Italian $12/lb.
Chorizo $13/lb

Lamb and Goat: next harvest tentatively  January

Farm Store Items

Creamline  Yogurt, maple, lemon $7.99 quart, plain $7.49
Cowbella butter, sweet or salted, $6.50 half pound, $12.50 pound

Nettle Meadow Goat and Sheep Cheeses
Cooperstown Cow Cheeses
Brovetto Cow Cheeses
Cowbella Alderney cheese

Our Own:
Eggs, $5 dozen, as well as eggs from Sheepy Valley Farm, Medusa … so we have a good supply of eggs again

Honey Mustards, $8
Honey, varies by size and style
English Muffins, 2 for $4
Brownies, $5

Hawthorne Valley Fermented Sauerkraut $7
Hawthorne Valley Fermented Kimchi $9.50

Sometimes: (you can order ahead)
Irish Soda Bread $9
Sweet Scones by Kim, 4 pack, $6
Crusty Rolls by Lugo, two for $4

Sea salt or Rosemary crackers $3.50

Cook Family Maple syrup, varies by size
Stoneledge Coffee beans, $12
Middle Brook Mill Griddle Mix, $8.50
Peanut Butter $6
Tahini $7
Balsamic Vinegar $4.50
Premium Greek Olive Oil $19/500 ml
Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce $5

Frozen items:
Buddhapesto, $13/lb
Nettle Meadow Soft Chevre, $6.50/lb (fresh and frozen)

We also offer Alpaca socks, Wool-Llama-Alpaca Socks, Woolen Gloves, Wool Pillows and Comforters, Sheep and Goat Skins, Books, Candles, Soaps, Photography Prints, Books, Pottery