What you will find in our Farm Store:

Hours: Saturdays 11am-2pm and by appointment

Prepared Food
(this is a quickly changing list of soups, stews, lasagna and cottage pie)

Meat Inventory

We expect to have fresh beef June 29-30, and then restock all of these cuts after that.

Frozen Beef
Liver, Hearts, Tongue, Kidneys $6.00/lb.
Short Ribs $9.60/lb.
Shanks $9.60/lb.
Ground Beef $10.00/lb.
Stew Beef $11.00/lb.
Kabobs $11.50/lb.

Chuck Steak $11.00/lb.
Sandwich/shaved Steak $11.50/lb.
London Broil $12.00/lb.
Sirloin  $14.50/lb.
Ribeye $20.75/lb.
NY Strip $20.75/lb.
T-Bone $21.50/lb.
Porterhouse $22.00/lb.
Filet Mignon $29.50/lb.

Chuck Roast $10.00/lb.
Bottom Round $10.00/lb.
Brisket $12.00/lb.
Eye Round Roast $12.00/lb.
Top Round Roast $12.00/lb.
Rib Roast $20.00/lb.

Frozen Lamb

Loin or Rib Chops  $23/lb
Shoulder Chops $17/lb
Leg Slices $17/lb
Riblets $9/lb
Shanks $14/lb
Ground $17/lb
Legs $17/lb
Neck slices (bone-in stew) $12/lb

Frozen Goat

Loin or Rib Chops  $23/lb
Legs  $17/lb
Shanks $14/lb
Neck slices (bone-in stew) $12/lb
Boneless Stew $17/lb
Ground $17/lb


Farm Store Items

Nettle Meadow Goat and Sheep Cheeses
Cooperstown Cow Cheeses
Brovetto Cow Cheeses
End of the Lane Farm Milk and Cheeses

Eggs, $5 dozen

Kim Chi
Fermented Lemon Zest
Marinated Olives
Beef Hot Dogs

Honey Mustards, $8
Honey, varies by size and style

Sea salt, or rosemary crackers $3.50

Cook Family Maple syrup, varies by size
Stoneledge Coffee beans, $13
Peanut Butter $6
Almond Butter $12
Tahini $7
Balsamic Vinegar $4.50
Premium Greek Olive Oil $19/500 ml
Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce $5
Sichuan Chili Oil
Roasted Sesame Oil
CeCe’s Granola $8

In the freezer:
Organic Ice Cream, pints
Brownies, $5
Buddhapesto, $13/lb
Nettle Meadow Soft Chevre, $6.50/lb (fresh and frozen)

We also offer Alpaca socks, Wool-Llama-Alpaca Socks, Woolen Gloves, Wool Pillows and Comforters, Sheep and Goat Skins, Books, Candles, Soaps, Photography Prints, Books, Pottery