Winter Beef Boxes, Winter Beef CSA

New Special! You can order a single box at any time between December and March for pick up here at the farm store, or shipped to you (estimated shipping $25).

Box One: (SOLD OUT) 15 pounds total. with a mix of 3 pounds of beef stew meat, 3 pounds of short ribs, 3 pounds of cross cut shanks, 2 pounds beef kabobs and 4 pounds of ground beef.
The value is over $135, but at a 25% discount, the cost is $100.

Box Two: (STILL AVAILABLE) 15 pounds of ground beef (think meat loaf, burgers, cottage pie). Also $135+ value for just $100.

Winter Beef CSA: Enjoy beef box two once a month for four months, December, January, February and March. Get an additional 15% discount on the total if paid in advance. $340.

2019 Harvest Schedules for Fresh Meat and Poultry

Fresh Chicken and Meat Schedule:
June 15 & 16 Fresh Grassfed Beef
June 23-24 Fresh Chicken, whole and parts
June 29-30 Fresh Chicken, whole and parts
July 20-21 Fresh Chicken, whole and parts
July 27-28 Fresh Chicken, whole and parts
Aug 17-18 Fresh Chicken, whole and parts, Fresh Beef
Aug 24-25 Fresh Chicken, whole and parts
August 31-Sept 1  Fresh Lamb/Mutton
Sept 28-29 Fresh Pork
Oct 5-6 Fresh Beef
Oct 12-13 Fresh Pork
Nov 23-24 Fresh Turkey
Dec 21-22 Fresh Lamb and Fresh Goose

There will be fresh lamb in January.

Put in your reservation any time for a Thanksgiving turkey or Christmas goose.
Turkey will be $6.50/lb., Goose $9/lb,  $20 deposit on each

Turkeys and Geese SOLD OUT