What you will find in our Farm Store:

Open Saturday and Sunday, 10-3

Updated Sept 6

Frozen Prepared FoodOink and Moo Chili $20/qt

Also containers of:

Chicken Liver Pate $9
Marinated Olives $5

Meat Inventory

Frozen Goat
Ground, stew

Frozen Lamb
Temporarily out

Frozen chicken:  Good supply! 

New 2121 Chicken:
Whole birds $7.25/ lb
Half Chickens
Airline Breasts
Split Breasts on bone
Boneless Breasts
Whole legs
Livers, hearts
Necks, backs (great for stock or bone broth)

New Beef  in the freezer:

Filet Mignon,
Porterhouse Steak
T-Bone Steak
NY Strip Steak
London Broil

Ground Beef
Cross Cut Shanks

Short Ribs
Beef Stir Fry/Fajita Strips
Eye Round Roasts
Chuck Roasts

Pork: Good supply!

Loin and Rib Chops $14/lb
Sirloin Chops $13/lb
Pork Cutlets $11.50
Pork Kabobs/stew $11.50
Pork Stir Fry $11.50
Rib Roast, $13/lb
Fresh Ham, $11/lb
Smoked Ham $13/lb
Shoulder Roasts $11/lb
Hocks, $8/lb (fresh, not smoked)
Bacon $18/lb
Breakfast, Sweet and Hot Italian, Chorizo $12/lb.

Farm Store Items

Creamline  Yogurt, maple and lemon $8/qt,, plain $7.50
Cowbella butter, sweet or salted, $6.50 half pound, $12.50 pound
Nettle Meadow Goat and Sheep Cheeses
Cooperstown Cow Cheeses
Brovetto Cow Cheeses
Cowbella Alderney cheese

Eggs, $5 dozen  (low inventory right now)

Honey Mustards, $8
Honey, varies by size and style

Hawthorne Valley Fermented Sauerkraut $7
Hawthorne Valley Fermented Kimchi $9.50

In the freezer
Crusty Rolls by Lugo, two for $4
English Muffins, 2 for $4
Brownies, $5

Sea salt, herb, or rosemary crackers $3.50

Cook Family Maple syrup, varies by size
Stoneledge Coffee beans, $12
Middle Brook Mill Griddle Mix, $8.50
Peanut Butter $6
Almond Butter $12
Tahini $7
Balsamic Vinegar $4.50
Premium Greek Olive Oil $19/500 ml
Chipotle Peppers in Adobo Sauce $5
Sichuan Chili Oil
Roasted Sesame Oil

Frozen items:
Buddhapesto, $13/lb
Nettle Meadow Soft Chevre, $6.50/lb (fresh and frozen)

We also offer Alpaca socks, Wool-Llama-Alpaca Socks, Woolen Gloves, Wool Pillows and Comforters, Sheep and Goat Skins, Books, Candles, Soaps, Photography Prints, Books, Pottery