Well, not quite animals, bugs! Carol has been a beekeeper for over thirty years, and still is fascinated by them. Beekeeping has becomes harder in the past decade with the new parasites and diseases, but like many small bee operations, we’re up to the challenge.

Our raw honey has been honored as the “Best in the Hudson Valley,” by Hudson Valley magazine. We’d like to think the unique combination of mountain flora and heather that they visit to collect the flavorful nectars, and the great care we take in every step of the process to insure a pure product, really makes a difference.

The bees are essential to the operation of the farm, Not only do they pollinate the garden, flowers and fruit trees, but also the clovers that grow in our pastures. This increases the nutritional value of the pasture forage. We like to think that we have better grassfed beef and lamb because we keep bees.